Embracing Life's Beautiful Chaos

ButeauFull Chaos specializes in custom creations including personalized items, gifts, seasonal and home decor, and jewelry! We cut and engrave wood, acrylic, decorate with Sola Wood flowers, and laser engrave cutting boards, keychains, wallets and more. 

Don't see it in our shop here or in our Etsy store? Ask us and we'll design something just for you! Think birthdays, wedding gifts, holidays, promotional gifts, and marketing items to gift your customers. 

ButeauFull Chaos is a fun play on my last name (Buteau) and life's beautiful chaos. It began more than a decade ago when I began blogging full time following the loss of our home in a fire which snowballed into my becoming unexpectedly unemployed. I took that as a sign to stay home with my kids, cook more food, do more crafts, and enjoy more of life beyond the 9-9 corporate world I had been devoted to. 

Over the last ten years, the kids have grown up, moved out, and by the time you read this I'll be the grandmother of two (one is due in just one week from the time I type this). As the kids have grown my blogging gig evolved into a self-employment dream of a lifetime, working from home, doing social media management, and eventually, corporate consulting on culture and diversity. I was able to travel, help generate good in the workplace, and see policy change instituted at a granular level as a result of my mine and my colleagues' good work. 

And, then a pandemic happened. Everything went on pause, and some things disappeared. I spent the summer designing and building and creating and doing all of the things I never had time to do. Eventually, I saw an ad for a Glowforge and I continued learning about it and watching videos and became mildly obsessed. Through this, a dream began to form. To become a maker full time. 

And here I am, living the dream along with a little help from my husband, a retired/disabled Army Veteran who is usually the person bringing your package to the Post Office for me. Thanks to him and his support, my Glowforge, and recently added Thunder Nova 24, some pent-up creativity and a whole lot of hope and faith, here I am today ready to make beautiful custom creations for you, once again journeying through life's ButeauFull Chaos.

 Here we are on our 10th anniversary after renewing our vows:

Rick and Erica Buteau during their 10th Anniversary Vow Renewal

PS: If you want to turn your own dream into a reality with a Glowforge of your own you can save up to $500 here.