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Personalized Lovers Checkers Board - Naughty and Nice

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Here’s a great gift for Valentine’s day or any other time! Lovers Checkers! A completely unique and fun way to connect with your partner. There is both a naughty and nice version! We can also customize the box to include your names or any other text you want on the sides, making it the perfect customized gift.

This mini-sized board is super cute and a fun way to spend time together. The box can also be used to put chocolates or whatever else you like! This game board is a mini travel-sized type set. 7.25 x 7.25. It is made from ¼” thick Maple ply.

Included in this set: 7.25 x 7.25 Lovers Checkers Board with game pieces for Nice and Naughty

The Game Rules

The game is simple. Play checkers rules but when you take a game piece the opponent should perform the action on the piece. If it’s an action that is for both like “French Kiss” then that is the action performed. We will include a print out of Checker Rules with your box.

This board is also available fully customized with phrases of your choice for and additional cost. Just request a custom order.


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