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Valentine's Day Dinosaur Valentines Craft Kit

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This unique dinosaur-themed Valentine's Day craft card set allows either the giver or the recipient to color. This set includes 5 different designs featuring various dinosaurs. Our Dino Valentines Day Craft Card Set is crafted from wood and comes unfinished for you to paint or color and assemble as a craft for kids or adults.

This Dinosaur Valentines Day Craft Card Set is a fun DIY activity for individuals to create Valentine's Day cards to share with their friends and family. There are 5 different dinosaur themed designs to color and choose from when selecting the perfect card to give to someone.

You will receive the following DIY Valentine:

  • I Think You're Dino-Mite
  • You Are RAWR-some!
  • You Make My Heart Roar!
  • Love is SAUR-ING through the air. Y
  • ou Make My Heart SAUR

Paint or markers are not included with this purchase. Acrylic paints work best if painting and we've found that even a couple of bottles from the dollar store work really great! You'll need paint, brushes (we love foam brushes or makeup sponges for little hands), and your favorite wood glue for assembly. You could also color these with markers, crayons or paint pens. 



Care information

Products are safe for indoor use and should not be exposed to the elements for an extended period. If you plan to use outdoors please seal with an appropriate weather-safe sealant at your own risk. We're happy to make suggestions.